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October 2014

Summer collection 2014

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Now the best outdoor season is finally here, bringing fresh and live mixes, ideal for welcoming hot weather and enjoying all its aspect in full. Genuine fabrics, Plain colours and Happy prints. The new LYCORNE collection is a veritable invitation to play.

Rocks are fun!

By Lycorne 4 years ago 1271 Views No comments

Rocks are Fun!

Stones is a wonderful material that you can find anywhere – at parks or along beaches or in your own background. Stones are like clouds: if you look carefully, you can see shapes of different animals: snails, fish, birds. All sizes and shapes are perfect for rock art. With just a few supplies -children can transform the stones they stumble across into animals, people, or toys.

You will need:

-some smooth rocks/pebbles (scrubbed clean and dried)

- paintbrushes

- paints (ideally acrylic)

- spray varnish (as a final coat )

There is much more handful stone craft to come soon. So go outside and find some rocks!