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Elegant Tutu Skirt - Trend in Children's fashion

Elegant Tutu Skirt - Trend in Children's fashion
By Lycorne 3 years ago 2432 Views 1 comment

Tulle skirts spread in popularity.

And we love it! It's retro. Girly. Incredibly chic. A lovely light tutu skirt that can be matched with most pieces, looks fantastic with leggings or tights in the colder months. Lycorne tutu skirts feature layers of lovely soft tulle, sequin trim at the front of the waist and an elastic waistband in soft cotton that is comfortable on skin.

The name comes from Tulle, a city in the southern central region of France, where it was invented in 18th century.

Ballerina Anna Pavlova, 1910 © Corbis

Rajat Sharma 1 years ago at 7:26 PM
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